In a bid to proffer long lasting solutions to the development problems bedevilling the state, Kwara Central Senator-Elect Dr. Ibrahim Yahya Oloriegbe has promised to partner grassroots development associations and other relevant stakeholders in the state.

Oloriegbe stated this during an Interactive session between the Kwara Newly Elected Lawmakers and Members of Some Selected Sectors organised yesterday 26th April, 2019 by Kwara Tabloid Forum with the theme: “Building Responsive, Responsible and Accountable Representation.”

Oloriegbe while reacting to questions asked by the panelists during the event, said: “I’m not yet in the office but I’ve started work on how best I can bring the dividends of democracy and good representation to my people. Though the primary responsibility of a legislator is to make laws that are of beneficial importance to the people, it is also expedient to facilitate genuine developments, health and wealth creation which kwara state is in dire need of.”

“For instance, I’ve had a robust interaction with Director of Pharm Access Foundations (A Dutch International NGO in Nigeria) and we’ve strategize on how to ensure effectiveness, efficiency and expansiveness of Social Health Insurance Programme in the state. I have also had a fruitful discussion with other relevant agencies on how Kwara will benefit maximally from projects that will add socioeconomic and agricultural value to our people.”

“So, you see, to really and completely ensure all these and many more get to my people, I’ve realised we need to partner the grassroots development associations such as IEDPU, Third Estates, Coremates and others for their easy and genuine implementations.”

While reacting to a question on if Kwara has not sacrificed the Senate Presidency position for that of an ordinary floor member, Oloriegbe replied that: “Kwara has nothing to lose because to say with all sense of responsibility, the State benefitted nothing worthy of mentioning from the position. In comparison is the stark clear contrast of what a former Senate President, Sen. David Mark, was able to do for his people because he focused more on their welfare.”

He stressed furthermore in his answer to the question that Kwara has had good number of people before in the Central government and promised to ensure and maintain Kwara’s high position in Nigeria as before during his time.

“There’s always an end to anything that has a beginning. So, it’s just time for a change and change is what is permanent. Before Bukola, there was his father of blessed memories. Before his father, there were people who are politicians representing Kwara. Before those people, Kwara has had a good number of people too. We’ve had the Number Two Citizen in the person of Maj. General Babatunde Idiagbon. We’ve been Number One in the Judiciary, we’ve been Number One in the Military. What I’m trying to say is that Kwara has not lost anything. By the grace of God and the prayer of the good people I’m representing, the position of the state, during my time, is going to be as high as before. This is a position where I have four years to come and give account. My prayer and intent is to do well so that my people will enjoy the dividends of good representation because serving the people to the best of my ability is the topmost priority and I’ve started already.” Oloriegbe said.

He therefore urged the people of Kwara to be very patient with their elected leaders has things have been damaged beyond reasonable sanity. He pointed out that he and his colleagues will never use that as an excuse to falter in their efforts while also pleading the people to remain steadfast in the reformation of the state which he said may take time but definitely going to be fruitful.

Oloriegbe meanwhile commended the organizers of the event, “Well, it’s such a good program for elected people to interact with their people and I salute the brains and minds behind it. It’s something unusual in Kwara because in the past, the person in my position will not have attended the program. He would look down on the people organising it. But everybody is important and that’s what we called power of the people and we’ve seen that it’s the people’s voice and votes that matter and I value that, that’s why I’m here. I came here and I’ve spent about three useful hours here and I’ll continue to do so.”