Kulture Foods Set To Launch Ewa Agoyin Special Delicacy in Ilorin

The city of Ilorin will welcome another thriller in the coming days as a new but vibrant start up will be spicing up the city’s cuisine through the launch of a special beans delicacy called Ewa Agoyin.

Ewa Agoyin is a Yoruba favourite often served by street hawkers but this time it will be in its best form of packaging. What makes this Yoruba dish authentic is its distinct soft and mashy nature.

Ewa agoyin
Kulture foods will be spicing up this unique delicacy (ewa agoyin) by creating at least 2 different variants of the popular food to whet the appetite of lovers of the food.

The brand will launch in Ilorin with a special home delivery package on 17th December 2018 and they invite members of the public to come have a taste.

You can reach out to Kulture foods via the following channels in case you need to contact them:

Email: Kulturefoods@gmail.com
Instagram: @Kultureewa
Phone: 08058331974

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