PEFA Solutions Launches in Nigeria, Promises Business Development and Career Growth

A report says that by 2030, if nothing is done about corruption or fraud, it will cost 37% of Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product. To few of us who do not know what this means, this means that corruption will take away N37 for every N100 Nigeria makes.

This analysis is a scaring one because Nigeria, on the average, services her external debt with more than 50% of her Gross Domestic Product. If corruption takes away 37% and Debt 50%, nothing may be left to develop the Nigerian economy which in many ways, affect businesses and encumber growth.

PEFA Solutions, a business and career development firm satisfactorily registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Abuja, Nigeria was inspired by the Centre for Social Awareness, Advocacy and Ethics to provide economic, financial and accounting solutions to issues surrounding business failure in Nigeria.

The team at PEFA Solutions

In a country where business practices are marred by incredible waves of fraud, involving misappropriation of funds, cheque forgeries, fund diversion, etc, it becomes imperative to checkmate this and help prevent businesses from dying. This is one of the things PEFA Solutions is doing.
PEFA Solutions renders five (5) professional services. These services are: business development service, career development service, tax consultancy services, project management, fraud analysis and performance appraisal services.
Under business development, the Company pursues a long term value for organizations, identifying opportunities and turning them into business growth strategies which consequently lead to value creation for clients. This is achieved by preparing executive business plans for clients with a three-five year financial projection, a feasibility report and a growth rate sheet that helps businesses plan their accounting year effectively with respect to growing profit.

Founder and CEO of PEFA, Okolinta Samson in his office

PEFA Solutions builds individuals and their careers by offering formal approaches to helping people secure dream jobs, scholarships and internships and providing them with a professionally written CV, Cover Letter, and Development Impact Statements that will land them several interview invites and consequently, secure dream jobs for them. The firm keeps businesses in business through their fraud analysis and performance appraisal services. They identify fraud using clients’ audited financials, measure fraud using econometric analytic tools, calculate the opportunity cost associated with the fraud and forecast the residual life of the Company to prevent businesses from failing.
Samson Ifeanyi Okolinta, founder and CEO of PEFA Solutions, explained that PEFA Solutions is what businesses need now owing to level of fraud inspired business failure we have had. “If we can accurately forecast the residual useful life of a Company using our tools, Companies will become more conscious about fraud and work so hard to ensure that it is annihilated. Even small businesses need business development services. Over the last two months, before we launched, we developed over 5 businesses and reviewed over 50 CVs for entry level and intermediate level applicants. One of our clients is getting over N380,000 loan from MOUAU Graduate Agricultural Loan and two others N1,500,000.”
The team consists of four (4) senior management staff. Samson Okolinta serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Company, Okafor Ekene serves as the Chief Communications Officer (CCO), Nnadozie Ogburie serves as the Company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Hillary Onyebuchi, the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).
Talking about growing the demand for their services, Onyebuchi spoke that with the likes of Toochibe Online, Digprom, edesign, LegacyEA and CSAAE’s C-Job Program as official partners, our brand will remain strong and provide the best professional services to organizations and individuals in best terms.
The firm, which can be contacted via the domain officially launched on Monday, 2nd September, 2019 with exciting promos, gifts and other packages.

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