Value Those Who Disagree With You

Do you have a friend who sometimes disagrees with your stand on issues…?

Please value that friend!

Do you have an associate who always demand details from you before agreeing with you…?

Please treasure that associate!

Does your wife or husband always take extra time to believe your views about issues of life…?

Please you married a right person!

We often attack and reject people around us who tell us truths. Sometimes it doesn’t necessarily need to be truth but for airing their views and suggestions to you, they are system builders and your future resources.

Whenever my wife don’t agree with me on issues, I now pray and wait until I convince her with my superior argument or I bow.


Yes! Rational you mean you want your wife to control you?, someone may ask. Yes. No problem if my wife controls me.

Beware of YES Friends and Associates. They will likely betray you tomorrow when things go wrong or you pass through challenges. I have observed that my wife’s views most times are for posterity.

Do you surround yourself and office with chopchop associates? Hahahahaha. I laugh! They are like Guguru(Popcorn). What bothers them is their stomach. In one of the organisations I led in the past, we called it “Street Wise”.

Those ‘Street Wise’ are the most futureless relationships you can rely on. “Any level for the boys?”, that’s always their language.

Street wise is not bad idea but you are eating your tomorrow today with those who are closer to you now because of their stomach infrastructure. They will soon leave you when they feel free money is no more coming.

I have an associate who has never begged me for money. Those who usually ask you for food will sell your relationship to buy better food.

Value that your Advocate who reminds you when you cross boundaries that may affect your company or vision. Love that your friend who does not just get excited because of your views.

Respect men who tell you truth, even if roughly.

I have never seen where sychophancy prevails stupendously like in POLITICS. Almost everybody is afraid to tell the BOSS the truth about issues at hand. Politicians most times like people who praise them and lie to them. ‘Youth Choice’ will return soon as LG election timetable is out in my own State. Same persons telling you ‘you’re the people choice’ will still tell other aspirants same thing. And the gullible candidates and aspirants will keep sharing money to maintain the lies. Chai, politics!

Preach On Pastor! The new generation believers in Churches would shout back to their pastors, whether he is preaching message or mess. The ministry must move forward. Whether the fish swallowed Jonah or Jonah swallowed the fish, what matters is to “encourage” the Daddy in the Lord. Many women who call their pastors sweet and lovely names refer to their own husbands as Baba Segun. Many men who sow big seeds in Churches allow their wives and children to go hungry. Please it is family before the ministry. But we should balance both.

Value close associates and friends who always tell you truth in love, not in arrogance. If you see arrogance, avoid such relationships.

I acknowledge in peace…

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